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May 1st 2024

Recently we have launched a Blueberry Technologies Minecraft server. We figured this would be a good way of practising server management as well as have some fun with it. We are using MSCS to manage the server and we use it for ease of access as well because we might be adding more worlds in the future.

The Good

I found that the plugins are a make or break scenario for the server and it really improves on the player experience depending on which route you take with them. Personally, I found that for the survival side of things having a Vanilla+ world with basic warp and tpa commands is really all that a server needs. We achieve this through a plugin called EssentialsX which adds those basic commands that most everyone is accustomed to.

The Bad(?)

To find a perfect solution for everyone is near impossible and some people will prefer things rather than others but for the most part it has been alright. There have been some issues with updating the server and plugin support (mostly going from 1.20.4 => 1.20.5/6 because of the recent changes to Minecraft also the jump to Java 21) but nevertheless it has been a really nice experience running our very own server from our own hardware instead of outsourcing that from a host provider or something.